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911  ~ FIRE - POLICE - AMBULANCE ~  911

Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • Air & Marine Emergencies - 1-800-567-5111 or cel *16.
  • Flood, Earthquake, etc. - 1-800-663-3456.
  • Forest Fire - 1-800-663-5555.
  • Electrical Emergency - 1-800-769-3766.
  • Help for Children - 310-1234.
  • Report Power Outage - 1-800-769-3766.

BC Ambulance Service

  • Emergency AMBULANCE ~ 911
  • BC Ambulance Service
    • Profile - A vehicle stationed at the Madeira Park Firehall serves Pender Harbour-Egmont with a team of on-call paramedics.
    • Patient Transfer - Although limited initial treatments can be performed at the Pender Harbour Health Centre, patients are usually transported to St. Mary's Hospital in Sechelt, about a half-hour away. An air ambulance is available for those who need specialized treatment in Vancouver.
    • Offsite link >> BC Ambulance Service.

Coast Guard Auxiliary

  • MARINE Emergency ~ 1-800-567-5111 or cel *16
  • Unit 61, Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Don McLaren, 604-883-3642.
    • Based in Madeira Park to provide local emergency marine assistance. Volunteer members participate in weekly exercises and training, promote boating safety and co-host the annual Sunshine Coast Wooden Boat Festival. New members are welcome.
    • Offsite link >> Canadian Coast Guard.
  • Pender Harbour Marine Rescue Society - Supports and administers local marine rescue services delivered by Unit 61 of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
  • History - In 2007, Iona Campagnolo, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, christened Unit 61’s newly built vessel, the Iona C, in a smashing (champagne bottle) ceremony at Seafarer’s Park followed by a tour of the inner waters of Pender Harbour on her namesake. The Iona C replaced the society's first vessel, the Harold Clay, named in honour of long-time Unit 61 member and Pender Harbour resident, the late Harold Clay.

Fire Protection

  • FIRE Emergency ~ 911
  • Pender Harbour Fire Department - Non-emergency: 604-883-9270
    • Volunteer firefighters are trained to operate and staff fire stations in Madeira Park and Garden Bay, promote and provide fire-safety education and awareness, and hold the annual Hallowe'en Fireworks. Fire practice is held Tuesday evenings, new recruits are welcome.
  • Pender Harbour Fire Protection District - 9-2 pm Tues & Thur. 604-883-9011
    • Our fire department is managed by the Pender Harbour Fire Protection District. Don Murray is Fire Marshall.

Electrical Emergencies

  • ELECTRICAL Emergency ~ 1-800-769-3766
  • Report a power outage - 1-800-769-3766.
    • A recorded message provides an expected service restoration time. Sometimes it’s accurate.


  • POLICE Emergency ~ 911
  • Sechelt RCMP - Non-emergency - 604-885-2266.
    • There is no police station in Pender Harbour (the nearest is Sechelt) but the RCMP regularly patrol the area, issue traffic violation tickets and respond to emergency calls.
  • Pender Harbour Community Policing Station - 10-2 pm Mon-Fri - 604-883-2026.
    • Rear of Pender Harbour Community Hall, Madeira Park.
    • Volunteers operate a lost-and-found depot, coordinate Block Watch, accept liquor event applications, provide criminal record check forms, lend engraving equipment (for property identification) and operate a Child ID Program.

Provincial Emergency Program

  • LARGE-SCALE Emergency ~ 1-800-663-3456
  • Report and seek help in a major earthquake, fire, toxic spill, flood, tsunami, alien invasion and other catastrophic events that don't affect your telephone service.
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