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Danny Dowling
# Posted: 30 Oct 2011 08:02

just a quickie intro from a 49 yr old guy who is aiming to support an elderly gentleman in visiting his family on Schooner Way in May 2012. He shall be staying with his family for 3/4 days where as I shall be seeking accommmodation for this period. For this reason I have a few questions that I an struggling to find answers for on the internet thus hoping someone out there can assist me :o)
1) Transpoprt; Is there a bus or taxi service? Can I hire a bike (I can drive but not taking a car)
2) If I hire a bike then do I have to watch out for grizzly bears or poisionous spiders?
3) Can I get a pint of beer or 3 on the Island?
4) Beyond looking at the sea, sky or trees, is there anything else to do on the island?
4) Are there any recommendations on/near Schooner Way for a B&B, Hotel with a bar, Single room Lodge?
And finally.........
5) Would anyone fancy earning a few bob who has a spare room for 3/4 days and doesn't mind sharing a chin-wag with a chatty dude over a 6 pack of beer, and doesn't go to bed before midnight?
Much appreciated you all and look foward to whatever help/response comes my way
Too much is not enough....and many thanks

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