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# Posted: 12 Nov 2011 19:40 - Edited by: Myrwin

Leonard Lee, Irvine’s Landing
“I was born in St. Mary’s Hospital in 1948 and raised in Pender Harbour. I am concerned about recent SCRD decisions that treat us as a bedroom community for Sechelt and Gibsons. We need an Area A Director who lives here, has demonstrated his commitment to our community and will stand up for us effectively. I support Frank Mauro because he is genuine. His election platform and desire to help are the real deal. I have known Frank Mauro for several years now, and his thoughts and actions have proven he has the skills and personality to get the job done.”

Elaine Park, co-author, Women of Pender Harbour, and President, Pender Harbour Living Heritage Society
"Frank Mauro has proved himself a hard-working volunteer, committed to the community of Pender Harbour/Egmont. I got to know him when, as chair of the Harbour Authority, he supported the Living Heritage Society to preserve the old teacherage site in Madeira Park for community use. Frank's collaborative approach to dealing with tough issues, his analytical skills and his background as a project manager will make him an effective voice for Area A on the SCRD board."

Skinny Jimmy Dougan, born here, July, 1945
"Pender Harbour is the best place on earth. Let’s elect the best man for the job, let’s elect Frank Mauro. Representation from Pender Harbour, representation for Pender Harbour. We need real representation, not realtor representation. Vote Mauro.
p.s. - God bless Pender Harbour.”

Jane Reid, Former SCRD Director
“Frank Mauro is exactly what Pender Harbour needs. He’s a tough, skilled negotiator, he stands his ground and he won’t be pushed around at the SCRD board table.“

Billy Griffith, Egmont
“I support Frank Mauro for Area A Director because he seems a competent and sensible person who will keep Area A needs as priority. He has done well for the Harbour Authority and his alternate, Leonard Lee, is a sensible descendant of the old Pender Harbour Lee family.”

Mike Sheehan, Former School Trustee
“I endorse and support Frank Mauro as his idea for the community and harbour is sound and beneficial for our future. His perserverance in the face of opposition will stand him well as he faces the challenges of working at the board with all the diverse interests of the rest of the coast. I believe he will put Pender Harbour and Area A first, and will be a strong advocate for us.”

Josh Young, Commercial Fisherman
“Frank gets things done, I know he’d fight for us at SCRD board. Pender Harbour would be fortunate to have a guy like him representing us.”

Mike Zacharias, Owner, Harbour Disposal
“We need a Director who won’t be walked all over by the other board members, or misguided by the bureaucrats and minority, self-interest groups. I believe Frank Mauro is more that kind of guy.”

Joe Harrison, Former Director, Area A Ratepayer’s Association
"When it comes to zoning and development that affects your property, the last thing we need is a fox guarding the chickens. Four reasons to vote for Frank Mauro: 1. Budget and management experience; 2. Effective leader who thinks on his feet and tells it like it is; 3. Assertive, strategic negotiator who will stand up for us; 4. No conflict of interest.”

Myrtle Winchester, Former Publisher, Harbour Spiel
“Frank Mauro won’t roll over and let the SCRD continue over-taxing Area A, and he’s open to having another look at incorporation. For these reasons, I support Frank Mauro as our next Regional Director.

Howard White, Owner, Harbour Publishing
“I fear for Area A if it elects a director who is more in a Sechelt than a Pender-Egmont headspace. I support Frank Mauro because he lives here, shops here, volunteers here and has a personal stake in standing up for Area A. I like the way he has an open mind on the landfill and incorporation, saying he would listen to what the people want. I heard he’s a bit strong-willed, but that’s good. If we ever want a fair return on our taxes, we need a director who isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers down there.”

Billy Long, Irvine’s Landing
“Frank Mauro’s track record of local accomplishments, and his goal to provide sustainable, eco-friendly employment for younger families, wins my support.”

Robert Allen, Madeira Park
“As a member of the (Pender Harbour) Harbour Authority Board, I support Frank Mauro because he has the knowledge, and the time, to do the job.”

# Posted: 14 Nov 2011 00:30 - Edited by: Myrwin

Please note that I've added a couple more endorsements (at the top) and will be adding more.

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